The Perfect Drink -This handy gadget connects to your tablet to give you step-by-step directions to make nearly any cocktail. It has a scale that take measurements 30 times per second and tells you exactly when to stop pouring.$101.14 at Uber Hailo -Pick whichever you prefer, but you definitely need at least one of these apps handy for your night out. Summon a cab like its your personal driver and pay automatically as soon as you reach your destination.Uber is free at is free at SceneTap -SceneTap is almost as creepy as it is awesome. Discreet cameras in select bars do facial recognition to let you know how many people are at a bar, what the gender ratio is like, and the average age of the people there.Free at FindMyTap -If you want help tracking down a bar that has your favorite beer on tap, open FindMyTap to locate a bar nearby that has it. Free at DressCode -Want to see at a glance how many places nearby you could go to based on how youre dressed tonight? DressCode has your back.Free at Tablelist-This app lets you reserve a table at a nightclub in advance, check out what the venue looks like, and even pay in advance and split the bill between friends.Free at Tinder, Tryst, Sway, Coffee Meets Bagel, Down Dating, Hinge, Krush -All of these dating apps have their advantages and disadvantages. If youve tried Tinder, for example, and werent satisfied, one of these other apps might be more up your alley. Check out Tinder, Tryst, Sway, Coffee Meets Bagel, Down Dating, Hinge, and Krush here. Thrillcall -If you want to see a show in your area and you didnt make any plans, Thrillcall will let you see whos playing tonight and book a ticket at a discount.Free on iTunes

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