We’ve all been there. After a few years of being together, the spark starts to fade. It happens in every relationship, the question is, how do we get that fire roaring again? Simply try these three tips, and you’ll be back to the early days with your lady. We’re creatures of habit, and habit quickly becomes boring. Here’s what you can do.First off, bring back the date night. The classic dinner date is always a safe bet, but try being more adventurous. Go rock climbing, take a jiu-jitsu class together. The possibilities are endless.Next up, it’s time to bring back the flirting. Remember the first time you had to win over your lady? You were charming, you flirted, you teased, you made her laugh. Just because you’ve been together for a couple years, doesn’t mean that flirting should be stopped. Be fun, be spontaneous.Last but not least, compliment her. You’re beautiful tried and true, but be more specific. Tell her you love her smile, or that she has a great laugh. 3 compliments a day is what you’re shooting for here.

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