Whenever I want to spice up the decor in the bedroom I immediately start looking for the perfect comforter. Now if this is your strategy, then you, like I, have been grossly disappointed at the lack of creative bedding available in retail stores.

I was so desperate that I began scouring fabric websites and local shops with the intention of making my own duvet. I mean, how hard could it be? I took Home EC, And making pillows wasn’t rocket science. I found the fabric but let me tell you…the good stuff was $$$$! By the time I had enough fabric to make a Queen Comforter or Duvet, it would’ve cost me over $200!

And of course I couldn’t have stopped there. I would need a coordinating window treatment and throw pillows. At that point, I was in over my head. I won’t even talk about Artwork! I’ve had to resort, most times for most rooms, to creating my own artwork to coordinate with a ho- hum comforter- usually plain an boring. I digress. For us Modern- Fashionistas, I happened upon this collection from Target and figured, it wouldn’t hurt to share. We all know the value of an awesome pattern so maybe you’ll find something you can use.



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