By Christmas Miller  Intuitive Consultant

What is it about change that stirs up discomfort with most people? Is it the fear of no longer having the comfort of the familiar? Or maybe it’s the fear of experiencing the worse case scenarios. No matter what “IT” is, “IT” becomes irrelevant when we choose to no longer move forward. When you don’t heed the call for growth nor take advantage of change in your life, you are choosing to stay in the past. Moving forward is an option, a very positive one that we all can’t afford to ignore.


Change is guaranteed but taking advantage of it is another matter. Ignoring your inner push to move forward can sometimes be detrimental to your well-being. By not acting on that urge to move forward (and we all get it) or take advantage of the changes that occur in your life, you immediately make mute the wonderful possibilities that await you. Now therein lies the rub. Because sometimes moving forward to some people mean being left behind. To others, it could mean the fear of missing out on something. And in a few cases it could mean movement to a destination unknown. The list is endless as to why many of us choose to remain in the past, denying that inner guidance to trust and act on its direction. And most often it can be a lesson of hard learning.

 Signs That It’s Time

So, how will you know that its time to move on? Just check out the following.  These are just a few signs that its time to let go and move forward

  • You become stagnant and no longer aligned with YOU.
  • You feel you have lost your center – You don’t know what’s best for yourself anymore – You are no longer your own priority.
  • The negativity associated with the situation or person becomes toxic/unhealthy or even overwhelming. You become stressed in every way (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).
  • You become a non-participant in your life, no longer addressing your NEEDS or desires. Remember, NEEDS are things you can’t live without.
  • You are made to feel less than, guilty, unappreciated, or you are taken advantage of or manipulated.
  • The individuals or circumstances are no longer serving you in a healthy, positive and productive way.

These are but a few scenarios that occur not only with personal relationships but also professional situations as well. What you do about it may require different approaches as some situations are not easily remedied and may involve financial and/or other matters of consideration. However, you must first know that there is always a solution. Sometimes we simply don’t like the options and our perception of how we view our challenges greatly alters and affects our ability to cope, manage and creatively find the solutions from within.  Read More:  Knowing when it’s Time to Move On | Christmas Miller.

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