hypercubus’ via studio WG3
consider it or no longer, this idea have been within the works for many years. it’s referred to as, a cell home. however critically, beyond the domestic Winnebago of the 70’s and eighty’s, There used to be this photo circulating in 2006 of a Travelodge cellular lodge. we won’t say we’ve ever seen this sort of cubicles but we bet they are smartly on the way. 


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photograph from http://www.designboom.com/blog/cat/9/view/22798/studio-wg3-hypercubus-cell-resort-room.html

Developed as an idea for the tourism business, austrian firm studio WG3 has conceived the ‘hypercubus‘, a cellular lodge room.
the concept that of the design is built on three elementary ideas: using open areas with available infrastructure (or also could be self-enough);
the introduction of small modular gadgets which can be moveable and introducing a brand new part to the vacationer of a pre-paid condominium,
below a unified company design. learn more

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