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So I’ve had a lot of relationship experts on my radio show over the years and surprisingly, the advice I hear most often, is that women should date many men at the same time.

The reason I say it’s surprising is in traditional American upbringing, women are taught and conditioned to wait for the “One”, Keep your legs closed or limit  your sexual partners…if you want to be happily married one day.

Things have changed. Don’t get me wrong, young women are still taught about abstinence, the birds & bees, etc. but now, we are encouraged to date several men at one time. Author of Date Like A Man to get the man you want,  Myreah Moore, encourages women to have “a pair and a spare”.

Of course, this doesn’t mean women have to sleep with the men to date them.  That may be the difference between how men and women interpret this advice. Just the thought of women dating multiple men to most  men is unsettling.  Either way, there’s a lot to be said on the subject.

Ian Kerner, New York Times best-selling author and sexuality counselor, had this to say. 

If you’re a single woman and you’re looking for love, forget about “The Rules” and stop worrying that “He’s just not that into you.”

That was then, this is now – it’s a post-dating world you’re living in, and that means you have to shed your one-to-one mind-set and start thinking in terms of one to many.

In other words? Stop searching for Mr. Right and look around at all the Mr Right(s).

The Gaggle,” a new book from Jessica Massa, says every woman – single or not – should have her own gaggle, a group of guys that occupy different roles in her life.

“You probably have a gaggle of friends, who all play different roles and fulfill different needs for you,” explains Massa. “You might call one friend to go shopping versus another friend when you’re upset versus another friend when you need a serious professional opinion. Your romantic gaggle is just another piece of the much larger, long-term puzzle of how you structure the relationships in your life to feel full, happy and loved.” READ MORE

Should Women Date Multiple Men Until Married?

What do you think? 

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