Men’s essentials for winter 2015/16: The Colour Burgundy

Finding the season’s colour is never an easy task for the designers, as the tone trend has to be set with lifestyles and desires of the moment in mind. And its burgundy that pulls through for the men uniting very current, diverse themes such as the call of nature with an exploration of deep and earthy colours.

Now burgundy plays on two fronts. An autumnal color coupled with the heat that it lets out, stretching towards purple and red.
For others, burgundy is synonymous with vitality and dynamism perfectly interpreting the urban gentleman.

Finally burgundy allows for new and rather unusual combinations with other tones. Dare to combine it with green, blue or navy or even blood red to bring out THE colour of the moment even more.

Silvia Venturini Fendi:
It’s a collection with very organic, slightly sombre colours, with all the little marks of vibrant colours like a bright red, and a burgundy.

by Paris modes tv

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