Bullet Train in China

BEIJING— China has opened the arena’s longest excessive-pace rail line, which more than halves the time required to go back and forth from the usa’s capital in the north to Guangzhou, an economic hub in southern China.

Wednesday’s opening of the 1,428 mile line, which is the equivilent of a line between NY city and southern Florida, used to be commemorated via the 9 a.m. departure of a teach from Beijing for Guangzhou.

Trains on the most recent high-pace line will at the start run at 186 mph, with a complete commute time of about eight hours.

Just consider the gap between Miami and new york is just shy of 1300 miles, the identical excessive-speed train might get you between the 2 U.S. hubs in just below 7 hours.

China has abundant resources and substantial prestige invested in its showcase high-speed railways program.



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