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After a massive worldwide debut, Tony Stark looks to make an equally rowdy entrance Stateside.

The #1 movie in most of the world is about to grab the box-office crown in North America. Thus far, “Iron Man 3” has beaten last year’s kickoff of“Marvel’s The Avengers” overseas, but will it do the same thing here?

The superhero sequel has already beaten the total international gross for 2008’s “Iron Man,” the movie that started it all for Marvel’s Phase 1, which eventually led to the third biggest movie of all time, “The Avengers.” “Iron Man 3” debuted with nearly $200 million last week and had made $307.7 million as of Wednesday. The total overseas gross for the first “Iron Man” was $267 million; “Iron Man 2” made $312 million overseas in 2010, which “Iron Man 3” will soon surpass.

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By Ryan J. Downey

Robert Downey Jr. in “Iron Man 3”

Photo: Marvel/Disney

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