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  • The juice that cured what ailed me
  • herbs-646.jpgMicrogreens, Mexico City-style
  • skinning-frog-646.jpgFrogs, ready for the cooking
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  • (Credit: Alison Roman)Yesterday, Mesamerica kicked off its second annual food symposium, and I was there as a representative of Bon Appetit. The symposium is three full days of lectures, demos, and talks from some of the greatest culinary minds in the world, and it happens to be in Mexico City, one of the greatest eating cities in the world. In other words, this was a symposium I had to strategize through, or end up incapacitated by my bulging stomach. Here’s how I got through Day One:

    Say no to tacos. It was painfully hard to not stop at every vendor slinging fried gorditas, huaraches, and tacos, but knowing that a long road of street food and mezcal lay before me, I opted out. And I discovered a new level of willpower.

    Hit the juice bar instead. I found a cart selling curativos, or healing concoctions, each designed to cure or prevent a specific ailment. At around 8 pesos (75 cents) each and full of fresh pineapple, cactus, celery, and parsley, I considered a glassful the wisest and cheapest investment in my future yet.

    Say yes to samples. Inside, booths with farmers, cheese makers, architects-turned-chocolatiers, and mezcal distillers lined the walls. As it was our civic duty, we sampled crickets con sal y limon, drank local coconut water, ogled freshly butchered frogs, and sampled l…Read More Here! : Bonappetit Daily


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