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We really were hunting down instructions on how to do laundry because, well, there really aren’t any. Think about it, besides the underside of the washing machine’s lid, where can you find instructions? So have fun as our Home Ec series continues! Pass this to someone you know. Don’t forget to read out How To Iron, Seriously post too.

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Step 1: Separate

Separate clothes Separate your clothes into whites, light colors, delicates, and darks.

Step 2: Check clothes

Check clothes for Tie ties, zip zippers, and check your pockets to make sure they don’t contain anything like money, candy, or lipstick.

Step 3: Check labels

Check your labels to see if any of your garments need special treatment, information you’ll need to know as you proceed.

Step 4: Tackle stains

To tackle stains, place a concentrated dab of detergent or stain remover on the stains and work it in with a toothbrush


Whites: Hot Water

Average loads: Warm Water

Delicates or Bright Colors & to Prevent Shrinking: Cold Water

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