House Hunting? Try A Prefab House For $15k

If you’re looking for a home, you’ve probably exhausted every ad, listing and home search for just the right combination of style and price.

What I’m going to say may make you chuckle but it will make sense if you’re at a point in your life, and home search, where you’d love adventure, convenience and good ol’ fashion simplicity.

Consider for a moment a home that you can pick up and move, pretty much whenever you want. Imagine the ability to add rooms to that home whenever you need to simply by ordering online. Seriously. Consider a Prefab home!

For me personally, after purchasing 4 homes in 5 years and moving at least 3 times, the thought of a Prefab sends a rush of relief through my veins. If all I had to do was find the land and pick my rooms, I would have had a lot less stress for sure. Check out these we found from Sett Studios.

Prefab House.

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