Every man’s Grocery List should include…

Gordon Ramsay believes you can learn everything you need to know about a person by looking in his refrigerator. “It says a lot about character and how you live on a daily basis,” says the Michelin-starred chef (and host of Fox’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’). So what is his fridge never without?

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We could all use a little help when it comes to cutting some of the frill out of our shopping habits. There are a few thing you can do to make the grocery shopping experience a little less expensive.

Shopping Hungry? Don’t Do It!
Author Len Roe tells why!
1. Never shop for groceries when you are hungry. If you are hungry while shopping for groceries you will have a tendency to throw things you don’t need into the cart because the mind is telling you to fill that nagging empty spot in the middle of your being.

Your hunger will make you more conscious to the quick snacks and sugar products. You will find that your shopping cart is being filled with things you normally wouldn’t purchase.

Before you start your shopping trip take a few moments and have something to eat. When you take the hunger away you will also take away the desire to over buy.

If you are taking someone with you when you shop have them indulge in a snack of some kind before you go. They can also influence the way you shop.

2. Timing. 
The best time to start shopping for groceries is right after the lunch break. Plan your shopping trip in advance. That way you have time for lunch prior to the shopping experience.

If you are shopping with a friend it might be a good idea to stop some place for a quick lunch first or tell them to meet you after lunch.

If you eat lunch first your shopping cost will be less. You will not be intimidated to purchase more than you need.

If you can’t begin shopping right after lunch another good time is about an hour before an appointment. If you know you have a deadline such as a Doctor appointment or a set time to pick up the kids after school then you will not be intimidated to waste time looking at items you don’t really need.

You will get what you need and get out in time for the appointment. You will not be impulse buying. It is amazing how many thing can find their way into our shopping cart when we take too much time in the store.

The more time you allow yourself to be in the store, the more impulse buying you will do. Impulse buying is dollars wasted.

3. And of course, there are always coupons. Take advantage of them. They were printed with you in mind. They were not exactly printed to save you money, but they were printed for your use.

When you find the product on the coupon well, guess what! You find 20 or 30 or more different products by the same manufacturer just waiting for you to buy one more or maybe two or three more. You are tempted to purchase more products than you really wanted or needed.

If it is just a store coupon its purpose is to get you in the store where you will find a magnitude of things to spend money on. Coupons were made and meant for the producers. The end user, you, will benefit from use of the coupon but loose by intimidated exposure to unwanted products.

As I said, use those coupons. Many dollars can be shaved off the annual grocery bill if you use the coupon for just the single product they represent. When you use a coupon don’t let intimidating products cloud your thinking. Only buy the other products if and when you need them.

4. Buy one get one free. 
Buy one get one free is another way of getting you into the store. Once you are there you are at the mercy of the advertising industry. They want you to see the quality products which surround the buy one get one free item.

Buy one get one free is usually a very good deal and I would take advantage of it if it were something I need or appreciate but if I don’t need it but buy it anyway, I just lost money.

Most men are not good at grocery shopping. If you send a man shopping you never know what will be coming home in the grocery bag. He may throw in a 6 pack, some chips, a magazine or a lottery scratch ticket.

However, usually a man will stick to a list. A man doesn’t want to be in a grocery store so most of the time he will grab just what is on the list and make a mad dash for the front and out the door as quick as he can.

Good Lord, what if a friend saw him in a grocery store. That would be almost as bad as him being seen in a Library.

Len Roe is the Owner and CEO of Diversified Distribution of Oregon. He is also the author of several books and has written articles for both business and pleasure. Some of his articles are humorous and emotional. To see more of what he has written go here: [http://www.InternetMoneyInfo-noscams.com]

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