Ferrari Reveals Sexier New F1 Car">

Ferrari has just unveiled the new F1 car its hotshoes—Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen—will be driving in the upcoming season. Behold, the Ferrari SF15-T (T for turbocharged), with a new nose and smoothed rear for better aerodynamics.

This last season was a poor one for Ferrari’s Formula One team: not a single win, and only two podium finishes. The old car suffered reliability issues, leaving it down on power against the relentless strength of the Mercedes sleds. Even more devastating for a Italian carmaker, fans found the last year’s version—with a scooped, aerodynamic nose—ugly.

While Ferrari are hardly underdogs, we’re still rooting for them to come back and provide real competition to the Teutonic Terror. The new season begins with the Australian Grand Prix on March 15thbuona fortuna.

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They’re hoping to find greater success with a new nose.

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