Hey everyone! We saw this amazing article and had to share! InStyle is one of our favorite magazines because it gets us right to the good stuff; shopping! If you’ve been too busy to shop for Fall, this is a great starter article for you! Have Fun!  Now Trending TV

This article appears on InStyle.com

Even though we’re holding on tight to our summer looks (for now), we’re simultaneously drawn to the lush fabrics and tantalizing rich hues that are waiting for us right around the corner. To prep our wardrobe (and yours, too) for the upcoming season, we gathered everything you need to know in one place, including the 411 on fall trends, the 20 coats that will actually change your life (no joke), must-have transitional pieces12 perfect skirt-and-sweater pairings..

Read Article Here: Fall Fashion: See the Items to Get Your Wardrobe Ready For the New Season! : InStyle.com What’s Right Now.

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