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At last, fashion week has come home to us in New York City where the Bronx is up, the Battery is down, and the perpetually caffeinated never sleep. We loved seeing what theEuropeans had up their well tailored sleeves, but there’s no place like home. Before the last of the Fall-Winter 2015 collections hit the runway, here’s what you gotta know


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New York Style in a Nutshell: You can’t boil New York City style down to something simple—that’s what actually makes it what it is, it’s a melting pot. Each neighborhood has its own vibe, and it’s more about the attitude than the clothing here, a sort of resilience even. New Yorkers have nailed that balance between utility and casual fashion. In a place this crowded and with so many neighborhoods, you have to dress for the sheer task of getting from point A to point B (a walk, two trains, and bus, and more walking) without losing your cool. Everything has a purpose, right down to the determined swagger you’ll see on everybody from bankers to designers. That’s how you tell a New Yorker from anybody else.

···3 New Yorkers to Dress Like···

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Jack Kerouac: No one’s a better model of NYC nonchalance than Kerouac. The thing to learn from him is that you can establish a uniform without breaking the bank on strictly designer clothing. He had a rugged look, but it fit his personality to a T. Simple and consistent wins the race.

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The Ramones: You can’t talk about New York style without mentioning leather jackets. For a lot of New Yorkers, it’s just their second skin. If you need a primer on how to do it, please see the Ramones above, who perfected this look . Throw on your favorite jeans (black or blue) a T-Shirt (as ratty as you like) and top it off with a kickass leather and you’re set.

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Ralph Lauren: Simply put, Ralph Lauren is the King of American style. There are few men who have contributed as much to the fashion landscape as him, and when you take one look at the guy, it’s not hard to see why. He exemplifies New York style in the way that he can jump from suited up and proper to down-and-dirty cowboy (anything flies here, honestly). And thanks to him and his massive company, we can all follow suit.

···Designers to Know···

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Orley: These guys have been blazing a trail for a few seasons now, keeping us on our toes for each show and grabbing the attention of the CFDA Incubator program. They are masters of knitwear, and keep pushing the envelope of preppy style a little further—bright colors, new textures, wild patterns, and their own take on Croakies (yes, those hyper-bro sunglass straps).

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