Do you wonder why skinny people seem to always be eating all the goodies and yet manage to maintain their thin figures? The diet industry has told us we can’t eat junk food if we want to lose weight. That kind of mindset makes people feel alienated from the rest of the crowd. Do you feel punished by your own diet rules? Here are 3 tips so you can eat junk food and lose weight.

Eat the food you really want.

When you’re trying to watch your weight many of us tend to restrict the high calorie “junk” foods. That restriction often times leads to a binge. Then we’re left feeling guilty. To avoid the binge cycle eat the food you really want, savor it and don’t feel guilty about it.

Have your morning java.

I’ve found having coffee and a small breakfast of toast or a boiled egg keeps me full until lunch time, with no need to snack in between. Coffee is an appetite suppressant and can really help lower your calorie intake for the day. A morning cup of coffee will leave you satisfied until lunch and give you more room for higher calorie foods later in the day.

Fill up on the green stuff.

Eat a side salad or green vegetable like broccoli to help fill your stomach. This gives you the volume of food that you’re used to. Then, eat something that will satisfy your taste buds. If I’m ordering at a restaurant, I will order an appetizer of a small side salad to tame my hunger. Then, I will get something like a tasty french onion soup or a pasta dish that looks good to me. A smaller portion of pasta will go a long way when you’re already partly satisfied from the greens. It’s important that you don’t obsess about the changes you’re trying to make in your diet. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of trying to fit into your diet vs. fitting your “diet” into your life.

I know you want to reach your ultimate goal of losing all the weight and you want it yesterday. But, the problem is when you make something so important and elevate it so highly, you can only be let down from there. That can leave you with feelings of failure. Baby steps are the key to making changes that will last a lifetime. You too can eat junk food and lose weight. Now Trending Staff

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