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This weekend, I’ll be getting a haircut, and so will many of you. I’ve been going to the same guy—his name is Gogy—for the past seven years. Even though there are dozens of barber shops closer to my home, I still make my way to his chair and pay him what I agreed to pay him back in 2008. Indeed, most guys I know have been going to the same barber for a long time, which makes a haircut, on a pure economic level, a funny thing. We pay what we pay week in and week out. There’s very little price inflation, no room for negotiation, and the concept of shopping around seems churlish. We all know about the $8 college special and, on the other end, John Edwards’ infamous $400 coif, but what is the real range for typical, professional guys? And how do you know if you’re paying too much?

According to Square, the mobile payment app popular among barbers, the average price of a haircut charged to a credit card is $28 nationwide. Guys in San Francisco appear to pay the highest prices—just under 50 bucks. Then again, Square-using barbers are a self-selecting group and their clientele may be more affluent—so here’s GQ’s own survey of guys around the country and what they pay:

The Guy: Tom No. 1, an urban planner who lives in New York City
Frequency of Cuts: Every two to three weeks
The Price: $25 plus tip
The Loyalty Factor: He’s been seeing the same guy since 2006. “My barber Richard has tricked me into believing I have an oddly shaped skull requiring services of professional rather than just buzzing myself with clippers,” he explains sheepishly.

The Guy: Tom No. 2, a Naval officer, who lives in Norfolk, Va.
Frequency of Cuts: Every 3 weeks
The Price: $30 including tip
The Loyalty Factor: He goes to the same salon as his wife and daughters, and has been for seven years.

The Guy: Matt No. 1, a consultant and business owner, who lives in Boston
Frequency of Cuts: Once a month
The Price: $25 including tip
The Loyalty Factor: He’s been going to the same barber for the past five years. “It’s the go-to place in town, plus they have Playboy,” he says.

The Guy: Chase, an account manager at a PR firm, in San Francisco
Frequency of Cuts: Twice a month
The Price: $18-$20 depending on the tip
The Loyalty Factor: “I’ve been going to the same guy in the Castro at a shop called Male Image for the past year,” he says. “The place has a sign that still apologizes for the time they raised the price of a cut from $15 to $18… back in 1997.”

The Guy: Jim, who works in finance, and lives in Darien, Conn.
Frequency of Cuts: Every 3 weeks
The Price: $35 plus a $5 tip
The Loyalty Factor: He’s only been going to this barber for a year since moving out of the city. “Suburbs are expensive,” says Jim. “Before I moved here I lived in the city and got my hair cut for …read more

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