I think the easiest way for me to save money is to only buy what I came to the store to buy. In addition to that, if I had something listed and I find a generic equivalent, I buy it instead and save even more money.

I had an unexpected illness- a sinus type of cough and it forced me to buy medicine that I would never have budgeted for.

After realizing that most medicine worth it’s weight was atleast $7.00 or more, I jumped into generic brand mode.  I was quickly able to find the drugstore brand with the exact same ingredients for $2.45 less!

“There are many painless ways to save that could reduce your annual budget by thousands of dollars a year, said Erin Huffstetler, editor of the About.com Guide to Frugal Living.

I am a testament to this. So check out the 5 Ways to Save that suggested below!

1. Switch to store brands. An increasing number of grocery chains are launching their own lines of food, often even organics. By and large, these bargain brands cost vastly less than the name brands, but taste the same and, in fact, are often made by the same companies. Switch and you could save 25 percent on your grocery bills, which are likely to run about $100 a week. Estimated savings: $25 weekly, $1,300 annually.

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