Valentine’s Day is approaching and we’ve got 3 unique things you can do to make this one extra special for your pookie bear!

1. Let’s Make A Deal

Label 3 envelopes and in each insert a different Valentine’s Date destination. no matter what, it’s a great idea to plan ahead of time. Have your love pick an envelope and let the wowing begin! Options can range from a picnic in the park, a camp outing, dinner theatre or even Bingo night…No matter what she chooses, make it fun!

2. Scavenger Hunt

Come up with 5 racy questions or riddles and write them on a piece of paper. Leave plenty of hints on each sheet so it’s easy to figure out. Allow the clues to lead her to a romantic set up like a bubble bath or other destination in the house. You may also send here to an outside location at home or even to a restaurant where you’ll be ready to romance her socks off…but be sure to make reservations in advance if needed, after all, Valentine’s Day is a busy time for most venues.

3. Message in a Bottle

I know, sappy right? Well it is and it’s just that type of thing women will cherish. You won’t even have to take a trip to the ocean. Just get a bottle with a cork from the dollar store. Write a short note. Roll it tight and tie it with a red ribbon & drop it in the bottle. Seal it with a cork. You may melt red wax over the cork top for effect. It’s easy, sentimental and rather inexpensive.

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