This doesn’t have to be challenging. That’s why we found a great list from to help you along. And to make it even easier, check out the bottom for a one stop shop of the coolest gifts for the guy in your life.


The Gift of Rock

Climbing is an outstanding exercise. Aw crap, you’ve read Between A Rock And A Hard Place, huh? Well, you can do your climbing in an environment that won’t require you to have you use a subsequent gift: a rock wall. Indoor, outdoor, it doesn’t matter. He’s getting vertical and developing muscles that probably don’t even have names. If you live in flat-flat southern Florida, you can hit up Miami’s X-Treme Rock Climbing. Lessons go for $50 a pop but a monthly membership boils down to $45.

The Gift Of Steel

Even for the most genteel of fellows, sometimes a thing needs to be tightened, screwed, uncorked, slashed or otherwise constructed/destructed. Does the modern guy have time to run for a toolkit to open and install a new piece of hi-fi detritus? No. The modern guy is too busy for that BS. Get your modern guy a Leatherman Charge AL. This handy-dandy, all-in-one, pocket-sized tool will make short work of any small job and make bigger jobs tolerable. Plus it’s pretty cool to whip one of these babies in front of the fellas. Note: please leave at home before air travel unless you’d like to next visit your guy in Guantanamo. You can get this all-in-one at Sharper Image for $69.00

The Gift Of Music

In an ideal world, we’d all have sweet sound systems replete with amplifiers, tweeters, subwoofers, woofers, subtweeters, sub amplifiers, 8-tracks, phonographs and enough auditory power knock 2,000 redwing blackbirds out of the sky. But those of us who don’t have C. Montgomery Burns fat stacks need something to attach our iPods and iPads to. The JBL On-Beat is your huckleberry. This sucker has 2 7.5-watt amplifiers and will blast your bedroom full of Beastie Boys, Beethoven, Bach and Bachman-Turner Overdrive (or music to your taste). The Season’s Pick: Bose Soundlink…it’s Wireless and portable!

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The Gift of Steel

The Gift of Steel

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